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About What is Good Life on Earth?

Good Life on Earth is a new initiative aimed at nurturing the innovative ideas of high school and university students—ideas that bear significance to the future of our planet. This program encourages students to pursue their passions, offering support to realize their concepts.

Participants are offered comprehensive support to realize their ideas, from mentorship by leading researchers to access to valuable human and financial resources. Beginning in their second year, they are given the opportunity to conduct their own research and prototyping in university labs, directing their initiatives towards actual implementation.

In our joint endeavor to enhance “Life” on this planet, the One Earth Guardians Development Program in the University of Tokyo and the Toyota Mobility Foundation are committed to creating an environment for shared learning and growth. This platform helps harness individual passions towards the collective goal of preserving our Earth.

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  • What is Good Life on Earth?『♯00_Introduction ~short movie~(English Ver)』(2023.8.1)
  • The story behind the birth of GLE and how it kicked off 『♯01_Beginning(English Ver)』(2023.8.1)
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