One Earth Guardians
Development Program

The One Earth Guardians Development Program, started in 2017, aims to foster human resources called “One Earth Guardians”. The Guardians are a network of scientists who will take actions aimed at securing the future of the Earth for the next 100 years as a place where all living beings, including humans, coexist in harmony.

Since the beginning of human history, we have consumed unsustainable levels of various biological and non-biological resources, and our pursuit of economic efficiency and industrial prosperity has damaged our irreplaceable planet, “One Earth”. The planet will not be able to sustain our lives in the near future if we do not take action now!

As individuals devoted to the field of agriculture, which is a combination of academic science and applied science covering various aspects of our daily life, such as food, clothing, housing and more, we are responsible for the establishment of scientific technologies for a sustainable future, by fostering future scientists, as soon as possible.

For the development of such technologies and human resources, the program takes advantage of collaboration with all the components of society, including companies, NPOs, governments, other academic institutions and even people who are not familiar with such global issues, to find and solve environmental and/or social problems happening now or in the future.

This research and education program is designed to help us answer the question “What can we do for the Earth in the next 100 years?”

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Admission policy

  • Individuals who have paid attention to the issues the Earth faces and are passionate about solving the issues from a scientific perspective.
  • Individuals who are eager to solve global issues as cosmopolitans, with a flexible mind and respect for others.
  • Individuals who combine both core specialty expertise and a broad understanding of science, capable of generating scientific synergy among scientists.

Curriculum policy

Those admitted to the OEGs program will take classes in three categories, each of which is a necessary component to understand multilateral aspects of problems relating to the SDGs and to become One Earth Guardians, i.e., the leaders who drive the whole society toward the realization of the SDGs.

Basic One Earthology
Classes in this category support basic understanding of biological organisms including animals, plants and microorganisms and how they play important roles in the achievement of the SDGs from the aspect of environment, food security and renewable bio-resources.
Applied One Earthology I
Classes in this category help OEGs candidates to gain skills in the area of problem defining and problem solving for reality, in order to do ‘Agriculture’, the applied science for sustainable society and lives.
Applied One Earthology II
Classes in this category help OEGs candidates to gain skills needed to deliver scientific achievements to global society and in turn bring people together to solve issues relating to the SDGs in collaboration with one another.


One Earth Guardians Development Program is supported by your donation.
Your support will make an impact on the future of the Earth for the next 100 years.

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